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The Annual Milwaukee St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebrates the rich history and contributions of the Irish to Milwaukee. The parade showcases the culture, music, and dance of the Irish community in Milwaukee. The parade is designed to be a family friendly event and is presented as a free event to be enjoyed by all.   The parade permit is held by the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin/Milwaukee Chapter and the Shamrock Club is the producer of the parade.

The Shamrock Club follows all non-discrimination rules of the federal government. The parade is privately funded and allows participation by invitation only.

To be considered for a parade application, please contact Mike Boyle, Parade Director, at parade@shamrockclubwis.com with a description of your group.

2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Policies

Revised & adopted November 2014 

1. Units are selected for participation in the Parade based on either their relationship to the Irish Community, the relationship to the community at large, or on their entertainment value.

2. All units are expected to present an Irish theme, decoration, and/or colors. The colors usually accepted are Green, the Tri-Color (Green, White and Orange) and St. Patrick’s Blue (bright blue).

Exempt units include:

a. Marching Bands (requested to present Irish music if possible)
b. Official Dignitary vehicles
c. Clown groups
d. Others as determined by parade organizers.

3. Only vehicles that are registered units are allowed in the parade.

4. Floats must adhere to Item #2 and must be fully skirted to within 6 inches of the pavement.

5. The throwing of candy or other items from any parade unit is prohibited. All items must be given HAND-TO-HAND at the curb by those walking along the parade route next to spectators. It is very dangerous for spectators to run into the street for candy or other hand-outs. NO thrown items are permitted.

6. Parade unit members are not allowed to hand out advertising, political campaign literature or promotional materials (unless previously approved by Parade organizers) while participating in the Parade. No campaign signs are allowed. This ensures that the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. and the Westown Association are compliant with Internal Revenue Service regulations regarding not-for-profit organizations. We may not appear to be endorsing any political candidate for any political party for any political office.

7. The presence and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages by any Parade unit are strictly prohibited. Anyone found in violation of this policy will be removed immediately from the Parade and will be cited by law enforcement officers working the event. Wisconsin state law is not waived on the Parade route. No smoking is permitted. Carrying cans or bottles is prohibited.

8. To protect the interests of the companies and organizations providing financial support to the Parade, no commercial/promotional signs, logos, handouts, etc., can be allowed on the Parade route without prior approval from the sponsorship committee. Commercial advertising is not allowed in the parade without the prior approval of Parade organizers. The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin and the Westown Association reserve all advertising rights in the Parade.

9. Any unit not lined up when the Parade steps off at 12 Noon will forfeit their right to participate as well as their appearance fee, if applicable.

10. The Shamrock Club of Wisconsin, Inc. and the Westown Association, as represented by the Parade Director, will review the performance of all units relative to these policies, and reservethe right to deny repeat participation to any unit.

11. All units must provide a copy of a current insurance certificate to the Parade Director prior to the parade in order to comply with requirements of the Parade’s insurance provider.

12. All units must comply with United States Flag etiquette. Please consult www.usflag.org if you have any questions regarding proper display.